Monday, March 5, 2012

Lil man necktie

The services for my great aunt and uncle will be held shortly.

NZ and I want Salvatore to learn how to dress appropriately for situations. When the day arrives for him to attend school, we are prepared to fight him tooth and nail if he thinks pajama pants are appropriate school attire. PJ pants belong at home, not at school. This being said, men in our family will wear suits to funerals.

I set out last week trying to find a suit for Sal to wear to the memorial service. Apparently, I am the only mother of a 2 month old who thinks that suits would be a good product to purchase, because EVERYWHERE I shopped, I found nothing. The only thing I found remotley dressy for a 2 month old were communion clothes, and that wasn't what I was going for.

So, I lowered my search standards to a collared shirt and slacks. I'd add a necktie to it and it would have to do. Unfortunately, dress shirts in a 3 month old size are also unheard of? I ended up at Kohl's with a brown polo shirt in my hands...Hey, it had a collar.. Hello lowered standards!. Boo for brown, but it came home with me because I needed something anything!

When I got home, I googled baby neck ties, and found a brilliant tutorial over at Very Homeade and scoured my stash of fabric for "tie worthy" prints. I chose to use some plaid that I had leftover from a previous sewing project.

The ties are incredibly easy to make ( and quick to boot! 30 minutes from first cut to finish). I'd show you step by step how I made mine, but Very Homeade's tutorial is much better than anything I could do ( believe me..she maden her tutorial so easy that even a caveman could do it).

For not being my original plan, I think his little outfit came out quite well.


  1. Sal will be super cute! As much as I hate the reason we are coming out there for, I am also looking forward to all the family time. I can't wait to meet Wilson and Sal and of course cousin time for all of us. Gotta say I love that we can meet Sal before you move too far away! See you this weekend.

  2. So sorry for the reason for his outfit, but it did turn out very cute!! Gymboree and Janie and Jack usually have dress shirts and even suits in 0-3 months and up, especially since Easter is coming, but what you made is way cuter because it is one of a kind and made with love by mama!! Good for you for deciding that he is going to dress appropriately!!!