Saturday, February 13, 2010


Apparently, my step-dad unearthed some poor unfortunate souls while cleaning out the garage. These poor, forgotten ones, were in the tomb of the unknown stuffed animals, of which, my mom sent out an e-mail to my sister and I, wondering who would lay claim on them. She thought that one of them was my sister's, and that perhaps the other unclaimed critters belonged to me...

So, I gave the fallen soldiers a once over, and none of them were recongnizable to me..I was hoping that my memory sparked with the sight of the "pink elephant" she claimed was mine, but nothing, nada...zilch in the memory bank.

My sister quickly replies, via e-mail that all of the stuffed animals were HERS..She lays claim on every single one of them! Just like a big sister, MINE MINE MINE..( in her defense, she is about the only big sis in the world who has never uttered those words to me, she'd give me the shirt off her back if I needed one)..but, no wonder I didn't recall a childhood filled with a pink elephant, sock monkey or Snoopy! They were hers!

I guess I can relax and breathe easy, since none of them are mine, I don't have to rationalize with my uber-organized husband why I must keep these animals that I never knew exisited, just for the sole fact that they are over 30 years old...keeping them just might mean I need to add another silver Rubbermaid to the shelves in the garage..So, sis, thanks for staking claim..They're yours to store and you saved me the price of a bin!


  1. Big sis has no room to store to goodwill they go. Lots of wonderful memories of those..hoping they will make someone else smile..

    Now if only he'd find my Frye cowgirl boots, I'd be one happy Big Sis.. and I'd scream MINE MINE MINE


    p.s.. Yes, I would give you the shirt off my back if you needed it..that's what sisters do!

  2. those animals are gnarly..i say throw them out..why sibject some poor kid to the nastiness crusted on those things? Did you see a close up? ick!

  3. that crustiness is much love bestowed upon them. They aren't holey....perhaps could be washed and made new but didn't want to put them into the new washing machine!

  4. My mom used to have a monkey like that...she always said it was a "monkey willie!" How cute to see someone else owns one too! :)