Friday, February 19, 2010

Second chances

Breaking our pattern of week night prepped-on-Sundays-and-reheated-all-week dinners of chicken, rice and veggies ( exciting, I know!), I talked NZ into heading out for a quite bite instead, last night, since yesterday turned out to be a happier one than I had anticipated.

We had agreed on our ol' standby...Taco bell, but as we pulled into the lot and I was salivating over the thought of a nice hot bean and cheeser, Nick threw out a suggestion he has probably made umpteen times..

And I took him up on it. Heck, why not? One bad experience, one bad date, and a bit of throw up in my mouth...that was years ago..I thought, why not tempt fate once again?
And try.....

I did it. I survived...and the best part?

It wasn't as bad as I had worked it up to be..In fact, I sorta more than liked it.

Thumbs up to NZ for his persistence in suggesting it ( 6 years he's been throwing it out there...and getting shot down) over and over...Now, if only I can get myself to try Indian food with my father-in-law.

Give me another 6 years and I might surprise him and say yes when he suggests Indian for lunch.


  1. We went to Indian w/ Jen the other day!! I felt so bad because I think she would have liked it but there was her nemesis, the cilantro, on almost every dish!!! I think she did like a few things, but I'm sure she was still hungry when she got bome =(.

  2. ohhh I LOVE sushi! I am very very picky about what I will eat - but yummmmmm. Watch - you'll start craving it soon. I started off indifferent than it became a craving!

    Indian - eh. I really like some of it - but only what I buy at Trader Joe's :)

  3. Sushi is my hands down FAVE food to eat!! Soo proud of you B!!!