Thursday, February 11, 2010


I woke up this morning and as I do every morning, I perused my favorite websites prior to having to leave for an internet-less day at work ( yep, that's right..NO internet at work..we're part of a dying breed, I know)..And yes, I admit, I wake up a half hour before I really need to, just so I have my morning internet time.
My favorite thing to do is to check for blog updates on all my favorite bloggers..I sit at the computer with my breakfast of egg whites and oatmeal and just read away..just me, my food, and the 'puter.

Among my favorite sites to stalk .....Bakerella. She is hands down, one of the most creative bakers I have found. I love love love her ideas, and although I often try to re-create her masterpeices, mine look like a preschooler's attempt at a professional's game. She is in a league of her own..if you haven't already, check her out..
So imagine my surprise as I signed onto her blog today to find that I missed ( gasp!) a recipe I have been longing for.....


How'd I do that? I was quite certain I have read her site up and down, forward and backward, left and right....but somehow, someway, I missed her DOH-NUT blog!

That's right, DONUTS!

Donuts are a once in a blue moon treat for me ( unless I am pregnant, and then well...I won't tell if NZ won't tell, but I could probably sample ahalf dozen by my lonesome)...What makes things worse is that if we stopped in after 6 p.m., the donut lady by our house would throw in an extra 5 or so..for FREE..geesh, thanks willpower already sucks, and just what I needed, 5 more to tempt me..

Anyways, I saw Bakerella's donut trial and error ( and her eventual success) and decided that I.MUST.MAKE.THEM!!!

So, after supper tonight ( we ate healthy, I promise!), NZ helped me make my first ( and probably only, ever) batch of old fashioned donuts, courtesy of yep, you guessed it, Bakerella.

For a couple of nuts, we sure pulled this one off..

They're glazed and headed to work with NZ tomorrow!

mmmmmm, donuts!


  1. Juls said "Yah but how do they taste?"
    I just read this blog to him.. his mouth is watering ...he wants a donut now

  2. OH MY! They look delicious :) I am drooling - I think my blood sugar skyrocketed just looking at these :)

  3. But you are Crafterella! And you DO make beautiful cake balls and brownie pops!

  4. OMG... I think Wendy nailed it.. you are CRAFTERELLA! 100% CRAFTERELLA !!