Sunday, January 3, 2010

NZ, the rod-maker

For Christmas this year, NZ's dad gave him a new reel, and a fishing rod blank. Over the course of the New Year's weekend, he proceeded to work on making his first custom fishing pole. It's a tedious process, wrapping the threads around the rod, securing the eyes to the spine of the rod, but as always, he succeeded. NZ's dad has made many of his own rods, and loaned NZ his motor, which attaches to his vice grip, and is controlled by a sewing machine pedal, at two speeds (as seen above). The motor slowly spins the rod while NZ wraps it in black thread.
In the words of Rob & Big, this rod is going to be "murdered out", meaning black on black. NZ says the fish "won't even see him coming..then WHAM!"

Next step is glassing it, then taking it out for it's maiden voyage. I think I smell a chartered fishing trip in his future!


  1. so cool....take a finished photo after it has been glassed. I think your Poppy made one of his own in past years too. Great to be able to create like that.

  2. Sissy loves fish..remember me!