Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A good assumption

My co-worker and I have developed a friendship with our mail carrier. We have greeted her almost everyday for the past few years, and are most excited to see her on Thursdays ( PEOPLE magazine day!!!!). Sometimes she sticks around a few minutes and chats with us, and through one of our chats I found out that she quilts. So, now when she has a few minutes to spare, I ask her about her current projects.

The other day she returned from her mail truck with a beautiful baby quilt she made for someone at one of the stops on her route. It was so cute, little baby clothing on a clothesline was the main print on a pink background, binded with a contrasting stripe fabric. She made the entire thing herself, and in the corner there was a tag, with the baby's name on it. A-freaking-dor-able!

What she said to me next, " One of these days I will be making one of these for you", made my day, and I felt the appreciative tears welling up in my eyes as I said, "I'd love one".

I don't often talk about my loss with her, but she remembered, and most importantly she assumed we are still trying...I've had it said to me, " You're done trying now, right?" And usually when I answer, "Not at all", I get a response of, "Well, if it were me, I couldn't go through that more than once." I feel like saying, "Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence jack-a$$!" As if we haven't already thought of another loss as a possible reality...Believe me, we have!

So, the mail carrier absolutely made my day. It's something as simple as her recognizing my hopes for a future baby, and her support even though we don't know each other all that well, that helps keep my chin up and feet moving forward, even on the difficult days.

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  1. She sounds lovely :) I can't wait for there to be pics of the quilt she makes you!