Sunday, January 24, 2010

Disgustingly Sweet

I started this weekend off with a mission. On Saturday I headed to the Super JoAnn's in a nearby city with my sister. We were both trying to find "just the right fabric" for the projects we had in mind. She was shopping for fabric to make some throw pillows to match a "hard-to-match" bed set, and I was searching for coordinating fabrics to make my Amy Butler Slingbag.
In my attempt to be as resourceful as I could be ( those that know me, know that I am not exactly resourceful..ever seen me bake and throw away half the goodies..totally a waster), I thought about recycling some leftover fabric from my recent "cut-a-kingsize-duvet-down-to-a-queensize-because-i-like-it-so-much-and-there-are-no-queensizes-available" project. I looked high and low for two fabrics to match the black and white pattern of my duvet cover. NO SUCH LUCK. Really. Who would think that matching black and white would prove to be difficult. I swear... I selected, then returned many bolts during my trip through the aisles. I finally decided on this turquoise one, which I was not wild about, but wanting to sew so badly, I caved in and settled for a less than stellar piece.UGH.
Upon checking out, I found some Valentine's stuff STARING at me. I saw a heart and cupcake print and snatched it. I didn't know what I would use it for, but I HAD TO HAVE ME SOME!

Well, long story short, we got back to my house, and I pulled out my fabric stash and matched the turquoise up to my black and white and HATED it.. I was bummed. I kept eyeing my cupcake print, and the turquoise laying side by side, and then rummaged through my linen closet and found a duvet cover that my kitty decided to shred the corners of, thus rendering it unfit for my bed anymore. I cut off all the seams and buttons and tears, and ended up with two coordinating fabrics..just like that!

So, in the end, I did recycle a duvet cover into my Amy Butler bag, but it was definitely not as planned. Instead of a mod-bag, which is more my style, I've got a cute little cupcake and polkadot bag..If only I could find some puppies and rainbows to fit into it, it'd be disgustingly sweet.
I have to admit, it was a fun project, and I am bound to make some more, but now that I have the "need-to-sew-it-right-this-minute" out of my system, I can take my time to find some fabrics that really float my boat. I can't complain about having to make a trip to the fabric store, afterall, I have always gotten way more excited about fabric than any kid should. Perhaps that's because a trip to the fabric store with my mom usually resulted in a new leotard for me to wear to the gym. My mom was the leotard-making-extrordinare, and even started her own business. Being the daughter of the leotard maker definitely had it's advantages, as I think at one point I owned like 30 leotards. A different one for every day of the month.

Nope, not at all.
Just well loved.


  1. You were my BEST model and don't forget for awhile you became the "leotard lady" when I retired and passed it on to you. I still LOVE fabric stores but SB doesn't have any left. Boo Hoo.... Love you Boo