Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dancin' Shoes

Check out the kicks I wore out dancin' last night.
Sneakers, that's right!

Last night, NZ had plans with his buddies, and I decided I needed a friend-fix from one of my all time favorite people in the world, so I drove down to Hermosa and met up with her for a night out at a "Sweat Suit Dance Party" themed Bday for former Aggie Pack great, Kenny Kane.

Swanson and I laughed as we rolled out of her apartment dressed in clothes more suited for a Friday night date with TiVo and the weeks missed shows. Sweats, to a bar, seriously?

Total awesomeness.

The bar he had his party at was a high falutin' one, with the average girl dressed in no more than 3 inches of spandex and manolo heels...but covered in 3 lbs of makeup. Then you have us....the dance party..All of Kenny's friends that turned out wore some stylish sweats...Adidas was a definite fave, and head bands were quite the accessory.
Pretty soon, there was a crowd around, watching the "dance offs" and then ultimately, joining in and having a blast.

On the way back to Swanson's place, she and I reminisced about our Davis days..Nights at the Grad, Cantina and our general lack of dancing abilities, despite all of our years trying.. I needed that friend fix, and am so happy that I got to forget all my worries for a while and enjoy my dancin' shoes.

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