Friday, June 26, 2009

Real Lucky

Okay, my guilty pleasure ( one of many) has been known by many for quite a lonnnng time, but I can't say that I'm ready to quit it, seeing as I just watched my DVR'd premiere of MTV's REAL WORLD.

Real World? Uhm, more like real lu-cky?!

This season's footage is from CANCUN..As in Cancun, MEXICO..

Really, MTV?! Living for months in CANCUN is hardly realistic...but OMG will I ever be looking forward to 7:00 pm. on Wednesday nights!

My favorites at the beginning of the show rarely end up my faves by the end...I like to make predictions about hook-ups, blow outs and basically who's walk and who's talk..but this season spells it out pretty good from the get go.

Girl with promise "piercing" and her love list writing boyfriend?...I give her two eps, three max before she is hooking up with someone else..

Tatted out music guy?? All I can say is "ick"..He's so ick that if I were the girl that hooked up with him on the first episode, I would just totally skip the opportunity to watch my fifteen minutes of fame when the show aired..Wayyy too embarassing.

Football Stud and fellow Hooterific castmate? Cuddling is not okay when Football Stud has a girl back home. End of story....... He "honestly" tells his girlfriend about it then follows up the bomb he dropped with " You cool with it"? Acts surprised when girlfriend back home no longer wants to come visit. Get with it, dude. Your girlfriend and I could be friends..I like the way she thinks. Have fun with Hootergirl.

Hooteriffic white girl...I predict she will have problems with every other female castmate. Envy sucks.

The two girls who claimed to be instant BFF's will have a falling out..most likely over a guy..and no longer want to be BFF's. I even predict one may get herself kicked off the show..Cat fight anyone? They may be little but they look scrappy.

PaperTowel guy...Funny as hell..At this point, he is my favorite. We shall see how he proceeds to let me down through out the show..But so far, so good.

Token Gay guy..Love him too. He's frank and seems to fit in with everyone..He may be the know, the guy who just sits back and lets drama unfold around him...

Anyhow, with one episode down, I am already liking this Cancun group of Real Worlders...but each season makes me feel that-much-older... Maybe I like the show because I was never as wild and reckless as the castmates are...and I lived vicariously through them. I may never know the answer as to why I get so much joy out of watching this show, but thank you MTV.

Real World never disappoints and this season's cast members in Cancun are Real Lucky.

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  1. omg james and i watched too and i feel SO old. when i was young and watched the 1st real worlds, i thought they were so grown up and smart! LOL