Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Outside Kitty-O!

Tuesday, June 2nd was a big night in the Zentil household.

It was the first official night for Beaver as an outside kitty, and it managed to break my heart even more than it's already broken ( is that even possible?). We pulled a motel 6 and left the light on for him, so he could finagle his way around the garage, but his cries were pitiful...

On another note, we were able to unveil the new sofa and enjoy the plushness, minus the blanket fort we had created the past 2 months to keep Beav from scratching the vertical areas. Although our nephew will miss Aunt Brie's "magic carpets" on the couch, they had to go... So, you dude, but you're fate has been sealed.



  1. Glad you left the light on for him...
    Your couch is so nice. I love it. I just want to pet it..feels so good.

  2. Poor Beav...I hope he gets use to the new living arrangements. Your couch looks great thought without the magic carpets all over them!