Monday, June 15, 2009

Life Ain't Always Beautiful...

Life Ain't Always Beautiful, but as Gary Allan will sing, " It's a beautiful ride"...

Dude. I'm stoked.

Gary Allan.

My super duper favorite country artist is MY town!

I have such a music crush on California-bred country man, Gary Allan. No, I don't want to date him, marry him or have his babies..I've already got a great husband that I wouldn't trade for the World..but like, if I could just borrow him for one night to come sing to me..Uhm, yeah..I might just melt.

NZ even jokes that Gary Allan is my other boyfriend when one of his songs comes on. We've seen him in concert once already..He played for a crowd of about 200 at Thunderbird Stadium in Vacaville a few years back..and we were lucky enough to be down in front with all the other fans. I've been to some great concerts in my time, but the one at T bird was the most memorable. One because of the small crowd size, and 2 because,'s my man G to the A to the R Y Allan.

As soon as I heard the ad on the radio this morning I texted NZ and asked if we could go, and his reply?


A night out with my husband singing along to my favorite songs.

I'd say I'm a pretty lucky girl.

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  1. I love, love Gary Allen. We've seen him twice now both here in Atlanta. Last year, he played his entire set in the pouring rain. You'd never known it, he still rocked.