Friday, November 20, 2015

Almost four

You guys...I am in love. 

While three years old wasn't the worst it could be, I did find it more challenging than the terrible twos. But all of a sudden, as we round out his third year, Sal has turned a corner and become such a helpful, loving (but still sneaky) little guy....and I am so in love with this age he is now. Almost four is my favorite.

We've got less tantrums, and more understanding. We have more words and less hitting. We have more "mom, I can do that myself" and less whining " I can't do iiiiiiit!"

Don't get me wrong, we still have our moments (daily), but for the majority of our day together, he's such an awesome little sidekick. 

Amongst my favorite things about Sal is our conversations. Don't ever think that kids don't understand things--they're always watching, listening and judging. He reminds me every day of that, with conversations that go into depth on something he's been told or heard. 

Today it was a motorcyclist who was behind us on the freeway on ramp that merged onto the freeway and came up my side as I was merging on. I of course swore at the guy, and without skipping a beat, Sal tells me that the motorcyclist should be more careful and wait for the cars in front of him to merge so nobody hits him. He goes on to say that motorcyclists only wear helmets and if they crash all their skin comes off as road rash. He then says that we are protected by seat belts and the metal of our car frame. [Insert shocked emoji here]

How's he know this stuff?!

The other night he told us his tooth is loose and that when it falls out he will put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. "The tooth fairy leaves gold coins", he says. Nick and I looked at each other wondering who had told him that. When asked, he said, " I saw it on tv". 

A few weeks ago Carla had dumped out his cup of discarded pistachio shells on the living room floor and Gino motored over towards them. I reprimand Carla by telling her she can't have nuts if she's going to leave them on the floor. Sal pipes in." Yeah Carla. Gino will have to go live with Kevin!"  I asked him who Kevin is and he answered, " you know up there in the clouds. That's where Kevin is. If Gino eats the nut and chokes, he'll die and go to Kevin's house". 

Later conversation revealed he was referring to Heaven--not Kevin--although I'm sure there are some Kevin's in heaven. 

 I about keeled over from cuteness. 

After all this time of him not showing any interest in coloring or  writing he is finally asking me to help him trace his name. He's doing awesome. I'm so proud of the strides he's making. 

He is still attending his teacher and me class twice a week, but come January, and turning four--he will attend preschool three mornings a week. 

He is sooo  ready. Can't wait to see him continue to learn, grow and master his environment.

Watch out FOUR, we're coming for ya!

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  1. Amazing big boy, almost 4. Amazing mom who spends time with her munchkins, allowing them to make some choices so they kearn how to make decisions but knowing when they need help as well.