Friday, August 14, 2015

Stitch fix: first delivery

So, my style needs some serious revamping. Between an overseas move in which we lived out of two drawers and a shared closet each, to three years of revolving maternity clothes, my wardrobe--or what's left of it, is outdated. 

I've attempted quick target and old navy naptime getaways to try and find myself some new duds, but either end up empty handed or buying something that isn't really what I had in mind, but fits so so. 

Enter stitch fix. 

A few friends have had success with stitch fix. It's an online business that provides a stylist and automatic shipments of five items at scheduled delivery dates. I decided it was worth the $20 "styling fee" and filled out a lengthy questionnaire. I then went to my Pinterest board and pinned photos of outfits/styles that spoke to me on my "playing dress up" board. My stylist will take a look and select from their warehouse items that fit the bill. 

I was nervous at first because a) just like rhythm, I have NO style. And b) I'm 4 months post baby-and although I'm at my pre Carla weight again, I'm squishy and a bit more self conscious than I used to be. I am not sure of my sizes anymore., so I guesstimated and made a note to my stylist that I didn't want my muffin top showing and in addition, nursing friendly tops would be a bonus. 

My fix arrived last night.

Once the kids were in bed I played dress up and had NZ act as my photographer. We don't have a good full length mirror so a photograph of me wearing my new fix was the next best option. 

Right off the bat, 4 out of 5 items got me grinning. I tried on the fifth item- a pair of Kut from the kloth olive green shorts-- for shits and giggles, and they fit like a glove--but I knew I'd never wear them. 

There were two flowy loose tops. I loved both at first sight. They're airy and great for nursing. 

The first one was a petite cut, and I liked that it was loose, but not too loose. 


The second one, a collective concepts Nathaniel top, was a super cute v neck with high low hem, but was just too boxy for my liking. 

Unfortunately, it had to be a return, even though I contemplated taking it in on my own. I just think it was too big.

I received a cute necklace, which I would've kept, however, Gino is at the age he is grabbing everything and it just seemed to delicate to handle the grasp of a hungry four month old. I had a feeling it would die a painful death within hours. 

It too went in my return bag. 

My last and final piece is my hands down FAVORITE. A petite length maxi skirt in a fun black and white print. It's the first maxi I didn't have to hike up under my boobs or hem to fit. It hangs just right and I'm in love. 

So, all in all, my stylist did good. I liked everything but the shorts. I only kept two, because I'm really wanting to stock my closet with things that fit just right-not just making do with a so so fit. I've done it for years and there's something to be said for clothes that fit your body right. They make you feel so much better and you actually wear them. 

I'm sold on stitch fix. I can try them on in my own home, with other pieces of clothes that I already own. I don't feel rushed at all, and feel like having someone else pick out clothes for me to try on got me out of my frumpy tank tops and t-shirts box. 

My next shipment is next month. I've requested some jeans to wear with sandals. Can't wait to see what my stylist sends. 

If you're interested in giving it a try, ask me for my promo code. 


  1. The skirt looks great with the blsck top...very nice. It is nice you found 2 items you are keeping.
    good job!

  2. Wow, I'm so excited to see all your (chosen for you) picks! I LOVE that skirt. I loved the pattern of the second shirt and liked the fit of the first. She did well. I wonder if they could fit me for clothes that fit a woman who has no boobs left. BAH.