Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Carla is one and a half

I know all parents think their kid is the cutest one ever, but the most common phrase uttered round our house lately between NZ and myself is, "she's so damn cute! Did you see/hear her do/say...xyz?" 

Everything this girl does is cute.

Even her tantrums are cute. She throws herself down on the floor with her head down and face smushed into the carpet and sobs. She recently started hitting too--which is obviously not cute or a desired behavior, but the dropping to her knees tantrums still get a little smile from me.

(Remind me I said that in another month or two)

Some of Carla's favorite things these days are animals (mostly horses and birds), Popsicles, painting and running around in our yard. 

She also loves her babies. Both human and stuffed. Gino is recipient of many of her slobbery open mouthed kisses. She's quite giving. 

She's perfecting her phone calling skills and is very Italian in the way she uses her whole body to speak while on the phone. She says "heyo" and "bye bye" and what sounds like xiexie. 

My least favorite words she says is "ut oh" because she ONLY says it once she's done something she knows I told her not to. She NEVER says it when it's a legit accident. 

Carla is a million miles a minute, always on Sal's heels. She completed swim lessons this last week and loves being dunked under water. If there's water around, she will be in it. I think we have a fish on our hands. 

At her 18 month appointment she weighed in at 23 lbs and 32". She's healthy and growing, and that makes this mama happy. 

Hard for me to grasp the fact that my baby is going to be TWO in six short months. I know I have a younger baby, but Carla is still my baby. 

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  1. What a cute fish! Claire would lose her **** if I put her in swim lessons. Unless I was in the water with her... bleh.

    Claire also says uh-oh, but mostly when she deliberately throws something. Not exactly the definition of the word, crazy nugget!

    Almost 2 is ridic. How did this happen! We just had these girls (and then you had another one! Hah).