Wednesday, August 5, 2015

MeiTei style doll carrier

Carla loves her babies. She often imitates the tasks I'm doing, whether it be changing a diaper, nursing or burping her brother. She'll run to get her doll and be my little sidekick copying my every move. 

       Gino and the ergo do the SB zoo

Gino spends a lot of time in my ergo carrier. It's responsible for my sanity when out and about in public with three children. It leaves my hands free to grab one arm and swipe the other by the shirt collar if need be. Being outnumbered is no joke. 

Carla likes to stuff her doll in her shirt when she sees me carrying G in the carrier, so I got on Pinterest this morning and searched for doll carrier tutorials. The ergo tutorial has too many buckles and straps for my sewing level, but the meiTei copycat was right up my alley--and bonus--I had scraps of material left from making Carla's crib linens that fit the requirements. 

Here it is!


And the happy girl carrying her baby after the world's shortest afternoon nap. I was hoping I was hearing phantom cries just 45 minutes after she conked out for nap. But alas, a diaper full of poop was her ticket outta naptime today. 


There is always tomorrow. 

Mama needs those three hour naps. 

At least she's busy carrying baby around while I finish my chores..and blog, of course. 


  1. The poop diaper. It's a total naptime killer. But that Mei Tai? You nailed it.

  2. How can you not look at her and have her melt your heart? Sogh