Monday, April 13, 2015

Carla is 15 months

It's been a while since I did a monthly update, so here goes Carla's 15 month recap. 

Carla has quickly become our little fashionista. She love accessories and shoes. Sometimes I find her in her closet, just trying on shoes and reading books. It's the sweetest thing to walk in on. 

Her favorite accessory however, are her Sunnies.

She wears them everywhere...
..picking flowers... the beach...

..and even while dyeing Easter eggs...

Aside from her infatuation with wearing Sunnies, she has a bunch of adorable little words she chatters although they all sound like she is saying applesauce or belly button. 

She has learned the art of giving a high five, clapping when happy and saying "uh oh" when she's throwing food off her high chair tray. Maybe she thinks by saying "uh oh" that I'll believe her that the food she lobs overboard is accidental?

Good try, kiddo. I'm on to you. 

Carla welcomed her little brother into her life this month. She likes to give him slobbery mouth to mouth kisses, as well as karate kicks to his body while I change his diaper on the floor. She's a bit heavy handed, but I see the love through the anvil hands. 

She's quite the daredevil, choosing to scale our kitchen table and the ladder on Sal's bunk beds when nobody is watching. She has also learnt how to ride Sal's battery operated quad and skateboard down the driveway--so I suppose it's time to buy the girl her first helmet. There's no stopping her now. never cease to put a smile on my face or brighten my day with your smile and loving snuggles. Happy 15th month, baby girl. 

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  1. She's too cute. I love her adoration for those sunnies. Claire has a pair but naturally, she refuses all things on her head. That skateboard picture is awesome and I ADORE that picture of she with her new baby brother. It's absolutely wild for me to imagine Claire having a younger sibling since they are the same age, but you're pulling this whole thing off like a champ.