Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter 2015

The kids celebrated their first American Easter this year.

We were fortunate enough to have a wonderful easter brunch and egg hunt at the Hilton hotel while living in Wuxi, so Sal was no stranger to hunting for eggs, but this was Carla's first go round. Last year she was just a few weeks old so she slept through the festivities. This year she was all about the candy. 

My sister has been coming down on Thursdays and spending the day with us, so the Thursday before Easter, she helped the kids dye eggs in our backyard with me. 

A huge shoutout to pinterest for the egg in a whisk idea. Minimal spillage and hand staining. 


Early Sunday morning, the Easter bunny came and hid real eggs, plastic eggs and straw nests with candy all over the living room. 

This Easter bunny melded NZ's childhood experience with mine so that our kids got a taste of both worlds. Suffice to say, our kids got a triple dose of candy to fill their baskets with. 

Finding the basket with their name cookie was the holy grail of their Egg hunt experience. Their auntie made them egg shaped cookies with their names on them.

We finished off the day by baking a ham that I got super cheap at VONS the week before. The kids ' Nonno came to join us for Easter supper but for the most part we kept it low key this year since we had a one week old baby to keep away from the masses. 

My favorite part of Easter 2015?


Five. There are FIVE of us. 

This was us at Easter in China just two short years ago. 

Blows my mind. 

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  1. My kids maybe had a bit of candy overload, too. I insisted on the chocolate bunny in their baskets and of course hid eggs outside for (mostly Benjamin) to find. He literally opened 22/24 eggs he found as he found them, one-by-one, and ate the contents before moving on. Note for next year: single piece in each egg. Hah.

    And... you're a genius for outside egg dying. I foolishly did that indoors and Benjamin sent the pink overboard, staining my hardwood floors and giving us 30 minutes of cleaning and scrubbing.

    Also, you're totally winning for even getting these blog posts up! Seriously, you rock.