Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One week in...

I keep getting texts and emails from friends and family "checking in" on how we're doing.

Figured I would just write a post to say we're still here. We're still alive!

One week later, things are settling back into our normal routine. The two older kids have been quite welcoming to Gino, although Carla is really heavy handed and all about poking him just as he falls asleep. Sal loves to give kisses and tell him "don't be sad, Gino. I'm right here" which is a complete 180 from the two year old version of Sal that was not-so-welcoming to his new little sister. What a difference a year makes. This isn't to say we haven't experienced some acting out and extra naughtiness (especially late afternoon) which I believe is a result of his need for some extra attention, love and affection. We're doing our best to show them some extra love....and I have to say, my heart feels quite full these days. 

NZ has been a huge help, and it has been nice having him home for a few days and pawning some of my responsibilities off on him while I recoup. Despite this being my most difficult delivery ( Gino's cord was coming out ahead of his head and was also around his neck, forcing me to just keep pushing--resulting in a bruised face baby with a broken collarbone), my recovery has been pretty much pain free. I feel pretty darn good the majority of the day. 

We've been eating meals that I prepared ahead of time--it's nice to know that there is a dinner plan rather than surviving on take out. As good as take out mexican food is, there's only so much I can handle in a week span. 

 All in all, I think we're doing just fine adjusting to the new little guy. Sleep is sparse, but I know from experience it's just a matter of time til he gets a schedule and sleep and I will become aquainted again. 

Now, if only Gino would stop pooping right after a fresh diaper change and nice tight swaddle, we'd be set. 

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