Monday, March 9, 2015

We got our Sun Daze on

" work a little less, play a little more...that's what this day is for.....Workin on my laid back, ain't nothin wrong with getting my sun daze on" - Florida Georgia Line "sun daze"

The weather has been gorgeous for the past few days, so NZ and I decided to kick back this past Sunday and spent the entire afternoon with the kids, neighbors and some family in our backyard. 

It was so so so so nice to finally have everyone over to just hang out. 

NZ manned the BBQ (with beer in hand) and made us some beer can chicken and boullion onions. 


The kids spent most of the afternoon playing in my last minute water table, or using our horseshoe pit as a sandbox. 


They also enjoyed lemons from our tree while the guys drove RC cars and played a round of Bocce ball. Sal loves sour lemons!


I thoroughly enjoyed just watching everything going on around me, and kicked back for the majority of the afternoon in my favorite new outdoor chair as the kids showed me their treasures (lemon rinds, grass, half eaten Cheetos). 


Man, I love being back home. I can't stop saying that, and you're probably all tired of hearing it, but it feels so good to be back where we feel like we belong. Southern California is, and always will be our first love--no matter where our travels may take us.

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  1. DAMN! NZ was working this some serious beer can chicken magic! I am amazed at that grill.

    Jealous of that lemon tree. We'll never have a fruit tree here in the freaking tundra. Wuh wuh.