Friday, February 27, 2015

35 weeks & a hospital visit

Weight gain: 19 lbs 

Maternity clothes? I've been wearing NZ's hoodies and t shirts once I'm home for good each afternoon. The tightness and shortness of my maternity shirts has gotten annoying. Why don't they make maternity shirts longer?! Yoga pants are a staple, and jeans have been stored away. I'm pretty much over it and ready for my "normal" wardrobe again. 

Stretch marks? Don't think so, but my skin is itchy and still stretching. 

Sleep: Decent. Lots of trips to pee, but otherwise okay until about 5:00 am when Carla has been waking. She and I find a corner of the sofa to snuggle into and enjoy feeling each other's breath as we doze back off together. She's had a cold, so I think this snuggle phase will pass soon. Hopefully in time for baby brother to join! 

[ 14 hours later-turns out he was joking]

Best moment this week: Feeling the love as we had to put our "when labor starts" plan into effect. My father in law made it over in less than 10 minutes, we made it to the hospital in 27 minutes and my sister was able to get down here to watch our kids all day after I was admitted due to preterm labor on Wednesday night. It truly takes a village to raise a child. I'm so thankful for friends who have also offered to be on call for us. Thankfully after 14 hours of having contractions 5-6 min apart and being 3cm dilated, nothing progressed and contractions slowed. I was discharged shortly after and told to go home and ride it out til our son decides it's really go time. At this point, they won't do anything to stop labor, nor will they do anything to speed it up. It's just a wait it out game.

Miss anything?: I miss being able to lean over my bathroom vanity to do my makeup. I also miss being able to paint/ do my toes!

Movement: Yes....he's contorting himself into lots of uncomfortable positions.

Food cravings: chocolate milk and ice pellets/ice water. Food? Not so much. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: I feel quesy around dinner every night, no matter whether it sounded good when I started cooking or not. Lots of indigestion.

Gender: Boy

Happy or Moody? Moody. Anxious. Ready.

Looking forward to: Meeting our little guido and picking a name. Looks like it may be happening sooner than later! Hoping to hang on at least one more week of not two. But seeing as I'm walking around, picking up/carrying kids while 3 cm dilated, I'm guessing our time is limited. 

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  1. Well, I sure haven't been keeping track! 35 weeks is big! I know it's not ideal, but you're close and I'm excited for you guys. Can't wait to meet Zentil baby #4!