Monday, February 16, 2015

Beach babies

Last weekend Nick and I were both burnt out. We've been going full throttle since his return to the states back in November--tag teaming kids and errands and marking things off the to-do list that still seems never ending. 

Yesterday, we took a much needed break and drove up to The Ventura Pier with the kids and Nick's dad for a beach day. 

This was Carla's first "taste" of being mobile on the beach. The only other times we have taken her, she was in the stroller or ergo carrier for the majority of our visits. 


She loved it. 

Especially digging with her brother when he'd share our only kid's bucket. Now I've got good reason to make a Target trip this week. We NEED more sand toys. Sharing is not one of Sal's strong points as of late. Please let this phase be a quick one.

                                note to self: I'm like reeeeeaaaaly pregnant. Whoa. 

Sal made lots of castles. He's quite the engineer in training. I think he could've spent all day digging and building, and had very little interest in actually going in the ocean. 


We stopped for lunch on our way home, and talked about how we need to make a better effort to slow down and take more beach days. Not everyone has the luxury of the beach in their backyard...we would be stupid not to take advantage of this beautiful area we call home. 

Chores can wait another day, right?


  1. Please do...slow special kid things...special mom and dad things . Life passes by so quickly.

  2. Do it for all of us trapped inland. Far, far inland.