Monday, February 23, 2015



I unearthed our newborn clothes and I think we're ready!

If the pile looks small, that's because it is.

But it's plenty.

I've pared down the stash to our absolute favorites. 

After having two other newborns to dress, I've learned that--although cute--the multi layer, multi piece outfits just end up sitting in our drawers unworn. My kids live in one piece sleepers for the first couple of months, so I ended up donating all of our unworn items to a mom in need.

Sal helped me pick a drawer in our kids' dresser, and we spent a few minutes putting them away and talking about how little the baby will be. I showed him a photo of himself wearing the polar bear sleeper pictured up top as I explained that these clothes used to be his.


He exclaimed, "ohh, dat's a weally cute baby!" 

Yes, Sal. You were (and still are). 


  1. Weally cute for sure. A pretty lucky family got to keep him. I couldn't agree more about the baby clothes. Since you are basically doing laundry daily anyway, the same clothes get worn and washed again. If they are favorites, how can you tire of them? Plus, California babies don't need much!

  2. You were definitely a weally cute baby Sal! That is too adorable. I wonder if his little brother will look just like him.