Thursday, March 12, 2015

37 weeks....full term!


Weight gain: 24 lbs

Maternity clothes? I'm down to two shirts and a pair of shorts that fit comfortably. 

Stretch marks? Dunno. If I do, they'll be tanned since I've been sitting out in the sun letting it all hang out the last few days while the kids play in the water table.

Sleep: Sporadic at best. Peeing a zillion times a night, plus both kids have been waking up coughing and in need of love ever so conveniently at 4:00 am

Best moment this week: Spending afternoons in our backyard, watching the kids play (and eat dirt) while enjoying some sunshine. 

Miss anything?: Being mobile. 

Movement: Yes....but it's changed from kicks to feeling him shift and contort his body every few hours. It looks and feels like an alien is inside me. 

Food cravings:  Ice. Ice water.  (For those wondering---Yes, I'm anemic. I'm on supplements.)

Anything making you queasy or sick: apparently chocolate milk (my former craving). It still sounds good until about a half hour after I guzzle it, and then I end up throwing it up. Gross.  No more chocolate milk for me!

Gender: Boy..and...I think we have a name...maybe. 

Happy or Moody? Happy but tired. I'm having contractions that last for HOURS. Today I had them from 11:00- 6:30ish non stop, every ten minutes....even during my check up with my OB. Same thing happened Monday night. OB says to come if the intensity or frequency increase. I'm trying to be a good sport about it, but taking care of kids and weathering them out isn't so fun.

Looking forward to: Hopefully he will decide to arrive within this week. If he doesn't, we will discuss possible induction for 39 weeks at my next visit. I'm tired of the contractions leading to nothing and hoping they subside so I can enjoy my last few weeks, or intensify and get this boy out into my arms!

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