Monday, June 2, 2014

Two down, one to go....

June marks the end of our second year living in China. 

I have to say, the last year flew by with my pregnancy keeping us busy with trips to Shanghai for appointments and all the anticipation that goes along with expecting a baby. Now that she's here, time is going even faster, so I'm pretty sure that our final year in China will pass in the blink of an eye.

Here's a highlight reel of year two:

1. NZ got his Chinese driver's license! We will just go ahead and apologize now if he's a little heavy on the horn and treats stop lights like suggestions when we return to the states. 

                                                  [the maiden voyage]

2. We started eating veggie centric. Fake eggs and reports of cardboard masquerading as minced pork helped spur that decision. The benefit? Moving the belt buckle a notch in the right direction. 

                                   [ mama say no doggies. Just veggies]

3. One kid makes you popular. Having two makes you famous. If only we could charge for photos. Any more offspring and we damn well open our own  "petting zoo". People can't keep their hands off.

                    [ keepin my babies inconspicuous]

4. Not sure I should be proud of this one, but,  I (Brie) can now order Sal's McDonald's lunch without  help.  Only took two years and a few wrong orders, but I learned! 

5. We have explored Shanghai and found imported groceries and good food. Dill pickles and all natural peanut butter? Totally worth the two hour drive.

           [ we finally found unsweetened bread]

6. The kids and I started taking the city bus. Even though we don't use it very often ( I don't like going out with the kids unless I have an extra set of eyes and hands on deck), it gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I have it as an option. I can't begin to explain how much I miss having my own car. 

                [we "wide da bus" downtown]

7. Poker buddies. Nick found a group of guys who enjoy playing poker. They play out on our balcony about once a month.

8. Visitors! We had my sister out for two weeks in January, Nick's dad out for two weeks in April, and a handful of NZ's colleagues along the way. 

                                     [baking a birthday cake with auntie Stephanie]

                     [ walking with Nonno]

9. We took our show on the road and hit three countries during our second year.....Indonesia, USA and Australia. 

                               [Kuta, Bali ]

                       [Santa Barbara, California]

                          [sunshine beach, queensland]

 And most importantly.....

10. Home stretch, baby!!!!

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