Monday, June 30, 2014

Our "European" adventure

We took a drive out to a park my husband's assistant calls "European Park", which appears to be a section of Lihu park here in Wuxi. 

Getting out of the crowded downtown area is always a welcome change. 

The park is very, and I mean veeeery run down and neglected. 

None of the fountains were operational, the potted plants had seen better days, and the seven dwarf bridge was missing sleepy. 

Also, does Disney know about this?

There's got to be some sort of trademark against a non affiliated park using Disney characters, right?

Anyways, we enjoyed the walk around the ghost town of a park for exactly that was a ghost town. 

With very few people out and about, we were able to carry a full conversation without being interrupted by the paparazzi or a nainai wanting to know if both kids were mine. I talk about the picture taking here, a lot. That's because it is THAT bad. 

Sal had a chance to ride/carry his scooter while we took turns passing Carla back and forth. 

All in all it was a good morning out. 


  1. Run down or not... glad you were able to be outside and enjoy yourselves without the crazies shooting photos of your kids!

  2. Weird, I guess my other comment disappeared! Anyway, I was saying how fun to read your a few of your China adventures. This one was funny. We went to a similar "park" near Zujiajiao called Oriental Land (totally PC name). It was really run down and had the most random structures, and then a really pretty garden area and then a totally abandoned theater to a small theme park area with rusty but still running kids rides. Crazy! Gotta love China!