Friday, June 20, 2014

Kitchen tour

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on my last post "To Market We Go", so I will make an effort to share a bit more of our day to day with you all. So much of what surprised/shocked/scared us at first is so normal now that we forget just how different life here is from America. 

Today I'm going to knock your socks off with a tour of our kitchen. What once seemed like it better suited an RV, now seems spacious. I think NZ is conspiring against me with this small kitchen business. Now when we move home to our house, my previous plans for kitchen expansion seem silly. I can totally work with what we have there..all it needs is a facelift. Saving my husband money. 

You're  welcome, honey.

Here's our kitchen in all its glory.

All 200x240cm of it. 

Here's my view while washing  and drying dishes. 

No dishwasher here. I AM the dishwasher. We've got a small dish rack on one side of our sink, that is currently drying Carla's chew toys. I sanitize them in a vinegar and water solution. Speaking of sanitizing, I also use that concoction for cleaning our floors, fruit and veggies etc. 

Vinegar is my BFF.

The soap dispenser was awesome while it worked, but it was made in China. Need I say more? It's been replaced with a jug of soap that now lives on the sill next to our three knives (paring, bread and an all purpose one) so that little hands can't reach them.

Jealous yet?

Here's our microwave and cutting board storage. Up above is our Tupperware and stainless bowl set. We have six glass storage containers to our name. The benefit? I don't lose many lids.

Down below I've got my appliances. All made in China, and definitely up for grabs before we leave here. China has different voltage than the USA so we've bought cheap appliances that get the job done, but they are definitely not Cuisinart quality.

What've I got in there? I see you peeking.

A two slice toaster, a blender, a hand mixer, a juicer and a crock pot. The crock pot and juicer are my favorites. The toaster is temperamental and the blender makes me want to fork out money for a vitamix  when we get home. I'm so over shoving utensils inside to keep it blending.

The next cabinet houses our pot and pans. A singular pot. Primarily for pasta cooking and soup making. I've got a small saucepan for rewarming things and also three fry pans. One needs to be thrown out, because it suuuuucks, but the other two larger ones are great for our needs. The apartment came outfitted with a rice cooker. Sal has used it as a piggy bank, and now many coins live in the bottom of it, never to be returned.

Above the pot and pans, I've got two gas burners. They have three settings. High, higher and scorching. Want to simmer something? Good luck.

Next to our pot and pans cabinet live our spices. Some purchased here and some smuggled from home. We love garlic salt. How can you not bring a costco size shaker back? 

The most popular cabinet in my kitchen has to be the kid's cabinet. Sal opens it a dozen times a day to empty it and find juice cups. 

And yeah, I totally cleaned that up before taking this picture to share with you. It still looks messy. 

Life with kids, yo.

Last but not least, (don't laugh), our oven. 

Yes. It's a toaster oven

It cooks at whatever temp it wants to, and sometimes the timer works, and sometimes it doesn't. It turns every meal that succeeds into a miracle. I've mastered cakes for the most part, and NZ finishes off a mean filet mignon (after pan frying the outside) in this little oven. 

Above the oven you can see that we aren't really set up for entertaining. 4-6 of each setting. These dishes break so easily that we've had a few losses over the last year and a half. Want coffee? I'll  have to wash the cup when I'm done so you can use it. We can't both drink at the same time, cause uhm....we only have one coffee cup. (In all honesty, neither of us drink hot tea or coffee at home). 

On the opposite side of my cabinets, is a sliding door to our pantry room. Our refrigerator and NZ's surfboards live there along with our food.

So, there you have it. 

Our Chinese kitchen.

Oh yeah.

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