Sunday, June 29, 2014

{crayon} meltdown

It's been a rainy Wednesday morning on our side of the world. Sal and I did some coloring (he's down to color for about two minutes) and I noticed his crayons have all been peeled and broken into tiny pieces "to fit in da dump chuck". 

One of my childhood memories with my mom was remelting used crayons in muffin tins and making new multicolored crayons from the old. I asked Sal if he'd like to do an experiment with his old crayons and he said yes with so much enthusiasm--though he has never heard the word experiment before. 

I love his gusto. 

We used a silicone baby food tray that we no longer use for baby food. Sal and I dropped a few crayon pieces into each well. I tried to keep my colors in the same family, but Sal mixed his with reckless abandon for some pretty cool combinations. 

We stuck them in our oven on super low heat (80 c) for twenty minutes. Half way through they looked like this.

Once they were all melted, I put them out of Sal's reach and let them cool for an hour before popping them out of the mould. 

And here we are testing them out. They worked!

I'm ready for him to break the rest of his crayons so we can make more. Clearly, I've been inside way too many days in a row. 

Rain rain go away,
My kids and I want to play!

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