Sunday, January 19, 2014


Sal turned TWO last Monday!

We celebrated a couple of days early since we would be in hospital on his actual birthday, but I don't think he will hold it against us. He made a cake with his aunt Stephanie and we celebrated together on Saturday night.

We have a cute video of him blowing out the candle but I can't figure out how to imbed it using the blogger app. This picture will have to do. 

His auntie made him his very own "little blue truck" cookies, complete with his beloved "Tess" dog hitchin a ride in back.

Here's Sal and the "real" Tess with his 'yota pick up truck (Toyota).

NZ and I gave him a scooter. It wasn't too long before he was off and zooming. This kid is fearless!

His great grandma sent a cash register...a huge hit!

His auntie and my friends took him to the indoor playground to run off some energy on the day of his actual birthday.

And of course, we gave him a little sister..just what every two year old (doesn't) want for their birthday.


  1. We are looking forward to loving them and watching them grow up.

  2. So lucky to celebreate TWO with you guys xoxo