Friday, January 10, 2014

Tick tick tick

                                          Tick, tick, tick...almost ready to pop.

It's been really nice having my sister here this week, even though our plans have had to change with the induction being pushed back another week and all. She has spoiled Sal with love (and goodies) and been a huge help with toy clean up, meals, and just the day to day business of chasing a toddler. 

On Monday, NZ and I made the trek to Shanghai for an appointment and lunch without Sal--the longest stretch of time that BOTH of us were away without him, and guess what? He was still alive and happy when we got home. Word on the street was that he was extra well behaved during an outing to the playground AND napped for his auntie. That's more than I can say for his behavior with me as of late. 

Tuesday was spent at my friend Heather's-- sipping Starbucks and letting the kids play for the morning. It was nice to get some girl time in.

Wednesday, dare I admit, we never changed out of pajamas. It was a cold, dreary, rainy day. Lots of puzzles, matchbox cars and Legos were played with.

On Thursday morning, we got out of the house. We went to Starbucks (not surprising if you know my sister and her love of Starbucks) and the produce market on our way home. All my Chinese vendors were surprised to see me, since NZ has been the one grocery getting for the last month or so. I did my best to answer their questions about what kind of baby, when and where I was delivering. At least I think that's what they were asking. I never know. 

NZ celebrated his birthday Thursday night with tacos and a cake that Sal made with his auntie.

Friday took my sister, Sal and I to Shanghai for a "quick NST and check" by the OB who took over my case. Uhm, leaving at 7:30a and returning home at 3:30p is not a "quick" visit. Just sayin'. 

This traveling back and forth thing is crappy. Especially with a bladder that feels like it is going to explode 24/7 and no roadside restrooms. 

Although bummed I was having to go in for a quick check, it worked out well for me. After my visit, I spoke up (okay, I was crying) to my usual nurse about my lack of confidence/comfort with the OB who had taken over my case, and asked if there was ANYONE, and I mean anyone else that could deliver for me. She arranged for me to meet the OB that delivered my friend's baby, and that OB answered all of the questions the other one didn't, in less than 5 minutes. She said she would check with her boss about taking my case from the other OB at such late notice.  When I walked through my door at home,  I had an awesome email confirming a date and time for induction with the OB who I met today.

I am so relieved.

Now we just need to get through the weekend and celebrating Sal's second birthday, which of course, my sister made cookies for.

Stay tuned.....

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  1. That's my girl! The mama in you is strong and I commend you for going the extra steps to get what you need at this time. Looking forward to meeting her. Love, mom