Monday, January 6, 2014

38 weeks and waiting...

How far? 38 weeks. Still pregnant. 

Total weight gain/loss: 32 lbs ( I've lost almost 2kg since last week) 

Maternity clothes? Maximum capacity on the leggings. I must make sure my sweater is long enough to cover my butt...because we all know that cotton Lycra turns see through when pushed to its stretch limit. I've got ONE, yes ONE shirt long enough to cover my belly. The rest ride up the hump. 

Stretch marks? None! Can I make it to the end without any? I sure hope so!

Sleep: pregnancy insomnia can go eff itself. Sorry for the profanity, but oh-em-gee I know I need to be resting up to prepare for two and I can.not.sleep. Instead, I run through scenarios of giving birth on the side of the expressway with my Chinese driver smoking a cigarette while he waits for us to deliver it ourselves, to visualizing myself in a dirty local hospital room filled with Chinese nurses and doctors doing some eastern medicine voodoo to get the baby out of me. The only scenario I struggle to visualize is that of arriving safely at the international hospital in shanghai and delivering with no complications as planned. 

Best moment this week: My sister has arrived and will stay until the 16th. 

Miss anything?: being able to walk without waddling. Sleeping through the night without peeing fifteen times. 

Movement: Yes...and it hurts. 

Food cravings: still just ice, ice, baby..even though it's cold outside. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Every night after dinner I get sick to my stomach for a half hour or so.

Gender: Girl.

Labor signs: contractions here and there. The OB I saw today says I'm progressing, but he didn't seem concerned that I would go into labor before my next visit. 

Symptoms: pressure, sore ribs

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody?: Where does "no-fun-to-be-around" fit? Oh, under moody? Okay. I am really bummed that my regular OB leaves for America this month, and that the one taking my case did not agree to induce this week at 38 weeks as we did with Sal...even after hearing our reasons, which are legit. I am happy the girl is healthy. She measured well on u/s today, is head down and passed the NST.  Estimated weight 6lb7oz.  I just want her out IN.THE.HOSPITAL. which, by the way, have I mentioned is TWO HOURS AWAY, traffic willing (took 3 hrs today). Oh, I did mention this before? Yeah-I'm anxious. I have an appointment Friday for a "quick check" (again, 4-5 hours in the car at this far along is torture) and am actually hoping he says I am further dilated and need to be admitted. 

If you haven't guessed, I'm not so good at rolling with the punches. I need to work on that. This I know. 

I'm thankful that my husband is a roll with the punches guy, and he keeps reminding me that we have a healthy baby growing, which is the most important thing, of course.

Looking forward to: Spending the week with my sister. Celebrating Nick's birthday and Sal's birthday. And thinking that next Tuesday should be a pretty good day.


  1. Well I'm not good with rolling with the punches either. And I think pregnancy insomnia can eff itself, too. And I wish he would let you deliver as you wish. Your baby, your body.

  2. It is hard waiting on our end too!