Monday, August 19, 2013

18 weeks

Showing? Hello maternity clothes, goodbye in-between clothes.

How am I feeling? A bit more relaxed this week since we got a good report last week...I do feel the anxiety creeping in though. I've been feeling flutters but always second guess myself as to whether they are real or not. I learned the hard way that getting up too fast will make me faint. One night last week, NZ locked himself out so I hopped up out of bed to ring him in, and as I waited against the door for him to come up the elevator, I passed out cold. He knocked to no avail so he returned to his friends to get his keys and when he came back home I had come to and was back in bed with a battle wound.
      note to self: get up slowly, or you'll pass the eff out!

Doctor’s Appointment? Nope. 3 weeks to go until our anatomy scan.

 Workouts? Sal and I walked to the vegetable market and I got out my 5lb dumbells for some tricep and shoulder workouts. Just to do something. Going crazy without regular exercise.

 Sleep? My nightmares about the baby dying were replaced with crazy Sons of Anarchy dreams, thanks to marathon watching of season 1&2 in less than a week.

 Weight Gain? Probably. Even my maternity shorts are feeling tight!

 Baby preparation? I bought a petunia picklebottom layette on eBay (we love their receiving blankets for swaddling) and bid on some gdiaper covers since I need more smalls.  I also ordered fabrics for crib sheets (thank you sister for making them for me!)
                                           Can't wait to see these in the crib

I hate that I'm already ordering things for the baby because I am so worried that something will still go wrong, but because of our circumstances of living overseas, I've got to get the imported things while we visit the US next month.

Dislikes: Garlic, which is cah-razy because garlic is a staple in our household. 
Likes: lemon, gummi candies, tortillas and cream cheese.


  1. What a scary dizzy spell! I'm glad you're okay and just suffered a small wound, but yikes!

    No ice cream here. Basically a food group, so I have no idea what is wrong. Ha!

  2. Glad you are ok sis... be careful getting up!

    Fabric arrived, so soft and they are going to be darling!


  3. So glad you are okay after the fainting spell! That's scary! I'm glad you are doing well! I've been thinking about ya!