Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dog days of summer

I haven't been posting much on what Sal and I have been filling our heat filled summer days with, because honestly, it'll probably bore you..but, here's a typical day with our almost 19 month old:

We get up, graze for breakfast (he eats more if I put his breakfast out and he grazes all morning on it than if I sit him in his chair), say goodbye to Nick (he blows kisses and walks dad to the elevator now), ride our bouncy bike, push the dump truck, read "go do go" and "little blue truck" til I can recite it verbatim, rollup the living room rug, roll out the rug, dump cereal on the floor, pick cereal up off floor, sweep, vacuum (he loves to vacuum), try going potty (he earns a sticker for each time he pees in the toilet), watch some Disney cartoon shorts on the iPad, remove the sofa cushions, climb under the cushions, Skype with auntie, throw a tantrum, open and close the sliding glass doors over and over til fingers get pinched, brush our teeth, take our vitamins, attempt to use the toilet again, tantrum, bounce on the bed, fix the sheets, empty the kitchen cabinets, put shoes on, head to a friends (phew, 9:30 a.m., finally!), basement playtime, then home for lunch (or in today's case, McDonald's--again), diaper change, pjs, milk, nap 2 hours (both of us nap, actually!) wake up, diaper change/ toilet attempt, snack time, coloring (both paper and self), music and pool time on the balcony, pee in the pool, dump the pool, tantrum, clean the pool, change into clothes, stand on furniture, open and close the sliding doors again, more stories, more iPad cartoons, climb the pantry shelves in search of candy, follow ayi as she sweeps, vacuums and mops, hop in stroller, take a ride to the front entrance to our complex, buy bread, walk back home, press all the elevator buttons he can reach, stop at each floor 1-4 before going on up to 25, shoes off, say hi to ayi, put hands all over windows ayi just cleaned, dump snack on floor, clean snack up, hug ayi, wave bye to ayi, play in the Tupperware cabinet, pull on mom's leg as she preps dinner, toilet attempt, sticker, ride bouncy bike through house, play peek-a-boo in the curtains, dad's home, jump on the bed, jump on dad, eat dinner, climb on dad, climb the sofa bath time, pjs, milk, stories, bedtime........
                   Sofa "planking"

...and I wonder why I'm always tired.

So yeah, until fall rolls in with nicer weather, we're pretty much going ape$hit crazy stuck inside this summer. To all my California friends enjoying beach days, park picnics and all things wonderfully temperate, I'm envious! 


  1. You made me tired just reading all that! Sofa planking, haven't seen that one via Skype yet

  2. Funny. Blah blah blah toilet attempt. Blah blah toilet attempt. Haha. Very cute

  3. I'm impressed the word toilet is in there at all. We're not even close to there (or maybe it's me).

    I'm tired reading that, but then I realize our day is very similar, just in the Midwest.

  4. I am a lurker/reader of your blog and this one made me laugh. When it gets too hot or is raining, my toddler daughter and I tear the house apart going stir crazy. I am also impressed the word toilet is in there (we have tried a little but don't really have a set schedule yet). Hope the weather gets more tolerable for you soon.