Sunday, August 11, 2013

Domestic fail

NZ wanted cookies tonight, so I pulled out what remained of my smuggled butterscotch chips and got to mixing. I found a recipe for oatmeal butterscotch cookies on the Hershey website and with four out of five stars for reviews, I was sold.....

...until I checked the oven after ten minutes and saw this....

What the?! 

The hormonal me wasn't sure if screaming or crying were appropriate responses so I just got angry and started feeling like a domestic failure. NZ came to see what the fuss was about and dared to ask, "did you forget something?"

Oh yes, he did.

I swore up and down I followed the recipe to a tee. I was angry that so many people gave it four stars and fooled me! I scrapped the rest of the dough, scraped the mess from my cookie sheet and just about cried. I declared "kitchen is closed!" and pouted my way through washing up the debris. As I was putting the oats away, I looked up at my flour jar.

Guess who forgot to add flour to her cookie dough?

This girl.


  1. Hahah. I've totally done this. Just sad to see your beloved butterscotch chips go to waste. I would've picked them out one by one. :)

  2. I almost did! Lol. I may have cried a little. Thankfully we are headed stateside next month and have two extra guys coming back with us (extra packing space, anyone?) so I will load up my "chips" for winter baking.