Tuesday, March 5, 2013


It's been that kind of morning.

The kind of morning in which all you can do is sigh. And sigh some more.

And more.

Started off with a teething (at least four teeth, maybe five) boy crying from the time he woke up, all the way through breakfast until his dad left for work. I could not put him down to clean our juicer (which, by the way, fresh carrot,spinach,apple juice roooooocks), so I pulled out a bottle of milk for Sal. I look into the living room where our ONLY carpeted surface is, and he has drained his bottle onto it. Sour milk, anyone?

So, I pull out new toy that I had just finished telling NZ I was going to hide and save for him (no willpower here) to use as redirection. It's a super cool latch board with six kinds of locks and closing mechanisms from Melissa and Doug. Since Sal likes opening doors, and cabinet locks, why not make him a professional locksmith by the age of 2? There are no child labor laws in China, right?

About time he makes some money (I kid, I kid).

He was amused for a short while by the latch board, so I cleaned up the spilled milk and then B-lined it to the bathroom to try and brush my teeth, put on deodorant and make myself somewhat "sweats dressy" before his attention waned and he needed his mama to "hold-me-right-now-not-later-all-day-even-though-I-weigh-24-lbs" fusspot.

**insert:LOUD crack**

I ran out to the living room.

The first grin of the morning. Oh no, why is he smiling...and what is my iPad doing on the floor, upside down next to his new latch board??

..do I really want to turn my iPad over? Think positive....maybe it's just scratched?

I flip it over and my heart sinks.

iPad meet latch board.

Latch board just kicked your ass.

Cracked screen.

All of this by 8:15am

I'm happy to report, our day has gotten better. We took a nice long walk and bought Sal some new shoes, priced iPad repair at the fake "official apple" store and ate lunch....

Nap time has finally arrived.


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