Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cookie Monster

A little bragging here.....

My sister, Stephanie over at makes THE best cut out sugar cookies, ever, ever, eeeev-er. I love them. You should check out her blog, and you'll fall in love with all her creativity too. I usually find that pretty cookies taste like cardboard, but hers are far from cardboard. I'd eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could..

They're awesome.

Even more awesome, is my sister.

I think she misses me as much as I miss her (or she misses her nephew and just pretends to miss me so she can Skype with him), so she sends monthly care packages. Shipping to China is not cheap. Stephanie has become a professional at figuring out just what can be packed to keep the costs down, and all of us over here still happy. Without her, and her willingness and thoughtfulness, we would be hard pressed for some of our creature comforts from home. She knows what customs will allow, and won't allow, and has even figured out how to send cookies!

Check out the cookie she sent Sal (sorry, but NZ and I devoured ours as well as half a dozen mini cookies before I thought to take a picture).

The only other sugary treat he has had was his birthday cake, so you can bet he was bouncing off the walls amongst the rainbows and unicorns when he realized mama was going to let him eat his easter bunny cookie.

This is the picture of happiness. Sent in a box. In the form of a cookie. From auntie Stephanie.


  1. I miss you as much as you miss me. 28 days and I will be hand delivering a big 'ol care pkg to you myself. I am glad I send you a little bit of home each month. Happy Easter!


  2. She really does make the cutest stuff. I definitely checked her site out. I'll keep in mind for all my cookie needs because I'm totally not a baker.

    That Sal bunny cookie is the cutest.