Friday, December 7, 2012

Yowza, Jiaozi!

A chilly Saturday walk to jiaozi
I may have proclaimed our love for mentioned that we have become big fans of jiaozi over here.
Little bitty dumplings made of minced meat ( pork?) and vegetables.
mama, Can I use these chopsticks to poke my eye out?
Today we ordered three plates of jiaozi to share. I think that Sal may have out-eaten his dad! The kid demolished the insides of at least one plate alone as the audience gasped at the fact that we white people let the baby show off his stellar self feeding skills. See the lady behind us? This was a rare moment when she wasn't turned around with eyes glued to our table. I had just reprimanded her for touching Sal while he was drinking.
He mows.
Puts a hurt on those things.

A full bellied happy boy

It's the cutest thing, ever. Ev-er.


  1. Good boy! I just noticed the travel booster went back to China with you :) Glad to see it's being put to good use


  2. Will he take his grama there when she comes to visit? I think that will be on my to do list.