Monday, December 10, 2012

Football Night

Being 16 hours ahead of California, we miss most of SNF ( it's more like MMF here). The Steeler game inevitably comes on at 8 am, just as NZ is getting his shoes on to leave for work.
I think this makes Monday's even harder to leave (=
Thankfully, Australia Sports Network replays MOST NFL games during the week, so although we don't get to watch live football, we do get to catch the game at some point.
My favorite are the six o'clock replays.

Sal tipping one back. No idea where he learned how
to drink with such enthusiasm.
I pull Sal's high chair into the living room, order pizza, grab a couple of beers and we all kick back and watch the Steelers game.
It's a small taste of home that I am so glad to have.


  1. Have you tried some online sites? We don't have cable and can't go to any bars with the little one, so we have caught games on, and
    Good luck! I know how you feel - it's been a rough season missing out!

    1. Thanks Crystal! So far we've just avoided the ESPN updates so that when we watch the game we don't know the outcome (: ill check out the Internet sites and see if they're blocked here or not. Awesome!