Friday, December 21, 2012

Out with a bang

Our friends, the Royals went out with a bang .
The farewell crew

Last Saturday, a bunch of us gathered together with enough fireworks to make our Chinese neighbors jealous, and set them off as a farewell for our friends, Donna and Kyle.

As I have noted before, fireworks are an every day occurance here. In fact, just about 5 minutes ago, my sky lit up like the 4th of July--and it's 9:00p on a Thursday here. No reason, whatsoever. No national holiday--just an average Thursday evening in Wuxi.

Most new expats learn about fireworks within their first 24 hours in China.

Usually at some inappropriate 5:00am on a Monday.

Mr. Royal is ready to set this place on fi-yah!
View from above. Front row seats on our balcony.

What better way to send a bunch of expats home, than ending it the way they arrived.

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