Wednesday, December 12, 2012

California Kid

I finally found paints!

And canvases!

And brushes!

Here's a peek at my first project for Sal's room.

Those of you familar with state flags might recognize this as the California Republic flag.

California kid

I found it fitting for a "name plate" for Sal's wall, so I replaced California Republic with his name, and voila.

I'm just so darn excited to have found something that lets me be creative again.


  1. Awesome job - it came out great!!

  2. that is so cool. Granpa Bob and I thought this gives the allusion that Nick is holding up a cardboard cutout of Sal. I am so glad that you can be creative and this is a unique decoration for Sal's room. Love it!!!!!!

  3. That looks great! I haven't checked in with my blog friends lately, but can I tell you how stinking cute Sal is?! :) Absolutely adorable!