Friday, January 20, 2012

What day is it again?

I seriously can't remember what day it is anymore. I don't know if it's because we're up all night, and one day rolls into another, or whether it's baby bliss that has me unaware of the world that surrounds us right now--but either way, Holy heck, it's already FRIDAY! entire week has gone by, and we have our little boy in our arms after the many years of trying, hoping and waiting.
Man, life is good.

Are we tired?

Is it worth it?

Are we shocked by anything?
Nope. This is exactly what we expected.

Okay, well maybe going through 3 diapers in one change earlier this week had us in disbelief...we went from a simple wet diaper change, to projectile pee on the fresh diaper as it was being fastened, then immediately followed by projectile poop on the 2nd diaper. It definitely had us laughing and thinking that diapers are going to be hot commodities around here.

Lunch date with Brie's sister
So, what else did we do besides marvel at our "perfect" son ( yes, we think he's perfect, like all parents do)?? Well, we hit the pediatrician's office on Wednesday for his first newborn check-up..again, he peed everywhere ( notice a trend here?) but the visit went well, and we like the pediatrician we selected.

On Thursday, NZ had to work for a bit, so my sister came down and visited Sal and me. She folded laundry, brought us a tray of frozen enchiladas, and helped me out by carrying around a basket at CVS while I bought some items that are most necessary in those first days post-partum. After our CVS stint where I may or may not have also thrown some EASTER candy into my basket (can you believe it's out already?) for my ol man and I, we went over to one of our favorite Mexican take out places. Since Sal was sleeping so sweetly, we decided to make a date of it, and ate outside and soaked up the sun and fresh air.

Not too shabby for a week that's flown by.

and....we're still alive (=


  1. 1st lunch date of many!!

    oh yes, you did buy Easter candy & NZ was stoked. Forgot about that.


  2. Being a mother of 2 boys before having a girl a little trick to the trade of diapering. Always, always have the other diaper already unfolded and ready to go before removing the first one. When opening the dirty diaper you can tell they are ready to pee when (excuse the language) they have a mini woodie, cover them back up, wait a minute and let them pee and then change the diaper. :) The cold air gets them pretty much every time! Just open, let the air hit, cover and wait. It'll save you loads of diapers. :) So glad you guys are already getting out and about and enjoying life.

  3. Rach- thanks! I actually do get my dipes prepped ! But I will remember to open, then close the old first...otherwise we need to invest in pampers stock.

  4. Haha! It takes a while to get it down, especially with a boy who are more apt to pee on you then a girl! Always be aware of the mini woody and you'll be set for the most part. Lol. Boys are well, boys from in utero. Gotta love em and their stinky pee. :)

  5. LOL! I had to laugh at the diaper story as it happened a LOT when Lucas was a newborn (we use cloth diapers, so for us the number of diapers used was not so much the issue than having the changing table, clothes, baby and everything around sprayed at every diaper change). And it was quite the surprise as having a girl before, it was very different. I totally second Rachel's suggestions. He will also do it less frequently as he gets a little bit older (it seems like Lucas stopped spraying everything around at every diaper change around 1-2 months old).

    Enjoy your baby bliss!!

  6. Have to agree with Rachel there on the "mini-woodie," haha - it sounds so bad, but that was what we noticed after quite a few near-soakings. We have all been there though, and I'm with you that all you can do is laugh, back up, and regroup. Sounds like you guys are doing incredibly well. Like I say, this is the TOP of life - enjoy the view! He's beautiful, I'm so happy for you. :)

  7. congrats! i remember those days, tired, tired and more tired and the most in-love i'd ever experienced!! so happy for you.