Thursday, January 5, 2012

Re-purposed mobile

See the background? All the cool circles hanging behind us?? That was a photo backdrop my sister in law made for my baby shower. Hung from a cafe curtain rod, it jazzed up the plain gray wall behind and served as a perfect spot for photo ops.

She so sweetly saved all of the hanging circles after she took it down from the wall, and gave them to me to use at my discretion. I've been in LOVE with the mobiles like the ones below, and had great ambition to make my own to match the boy's room. The hanging circles she gave me were just what I needed to make a mobile!

My baby shower backdrop was done in my favorite color combo of Bazzill cardstock colors:  Admiral (navy), Tangerine (orange), and Ash ( gray). However, the walls in his room are painted with BEHR's Scotland Isle, which is a super saturated green. My initial attempt at using the hanging circles as-is for the mobile left me thinking that it really needed green in it instead of the orange.

 I carefully removed all of the orange circles from the baker's twine, and replaced them with diecuts of my new infatuation love, whales. The whales were  downloaded from the silhouette store for 99cents and then cut out of Bazzill cardstock in Parakeet (Green) from my silhouette SD cutter in two different sizes.

Easy, Peasy, almost done.

I sandwiched the twine between two whales of the same size, and glued them together, just as the circles had been done. 

The hardest part was trying to space them randomly. I am not good with the random thing, I like things symmetrical, but that totally would have ruined the whole whimsy of the thing.

Cheapskate me did not use dowel rods, or a quilters circle to hang from, as most of the ones on pinterest seem to be hung from. Instead I raided our kitchen drawers and came up with skewers. I made a cross out of them, securing the center with baker's twine, and hanging two strings of circles & whales from each side of the skewer, so the finished project has 8 strings of hanging circles/whales.

I had trouble getting a good photo of it, because it is not yet hung in his room ( need to figure out how to adhere a 3M peel-n-stick hook to my ceiling without putting my pregnant butt in danger of falling off a dresser, chair, bed, or whatever I'd normally find to boost myself with). I'm guessing I will rope my ol man into doing the hanging of the mobile, which should only take a second or two, and be much much safer.

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  1. That came out so cute.. great idea! Do NOT dare get your 37 week pregnant butt up on a chair or BED pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!