Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snug as a bug

Sleeping on dad's chest..a nightly ritual

Someone gifted us what I will call a "swaddle pod".


It's basically a sleeping bag that zips up to the boy's neck, keeping all little wandering hands and dagger like fingernails contained.

It's like, totally my favorite baby item of the week.

Sal thinks it's pretty spiffy too.


  1. Ooh! Brand? Looks like something I need to add to the arsenal!

    He is as cute as can be!! Thanks for sharing the pic!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. My kids would have DIED. Both my babies hated - HATED - having their hands/arms swaddled. I would see pictures like this and be so jealous that their little ones would just snuggle right up. Not my little peas - no pods for them. =)

  3. Jenn,
    He loves a good swaddle. Dad is much better at the actual blanket swaddling than I am..I like to use this cheater-version. Who knows when he will decide that being swaddled is for babies ( other babies, lol), but I am going to continue it as long as we can.

  4. I'm ready for some cuddle time Sal before you decide cuddling is for other babies :)

  5. My Ryan LOVED being swaddled. He is precious, Brie!!!! I am so happy to hear how happy you all are!!

  6. PS sorry that was me as "unknown". Stacia

  7. I'm glad he likes to be swaddled! C hated it and still doesn't like to be confined. At 4 months, my baby doesn't like to be cuddled to sleep and HAS to have her arms free or she screams even louder!