Saturday, April 10, 2010

She thinks my tractor's sexy..

"She thinks my tractor's really turns her on...she's always smilin' at me..while I'm chuggin' along.." Okay, maybe not really, but who can resist singing a Kenny Chesney song when they see a tractor? Not me, that's for sure. NZ and our neighbor were up at the crack of dawn this morning to go rent a tractor for our yard (dad, we wish we lived closer, we'd just borrow yours)..I got my morning run in as I always do on Saturdays, and what do I see when I hop off the treadmill, but a beautiful blue TRACTOR in our yard, with both guys eager to get to the business of spreading out the massive dirt pile that we've accumulated with all the excess dirt that was removed to erect The Great-Wall-of-Zentil at the back end of our property.

Soon enough, we'll have the backyard we've been envisioning in our heads since buying this house..Sometimes I get a wild and wooly thought that maybe, just maybe I will go out and get my hands dirty helping, but then, I get realistic and remind myself, I'm a girl, and this girl doesn't do dirt. Not without complaining, at least. I think I will do what I do best, and spend my afternoon sewing, and leave the tractor fun to the boys.

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  1. The yard is coming along! Looking good.
    Love you kids,