Monday, April 19, 2010

Mutha' trucker

"There's something women like about a pick-up man"-Joe Diffie "pick-Up man"

One fateful winter day in 2007, NZ's lifted 4x4 Chevy got traded in for it's nemesis.

A brand-spankin-new, 2WD Sierra. Seeing as we had recently moved back to our home-land ( SoCal), he really didn't have the need for 4 wheel drive. Gone were the days of going off-roading and playing in the dirt. His truck would now serve as a vehicle to transport surfboards to and from the beach, and the occasional loads of Home Depot purchases...and eventually children. It would be quite a sight watching a 5 foot tall wife load a 30 lb kid into a truck with floor boards as tall as she was.

I loved that truck.

You could hear him coming from a mile away.

Did I mention, I loved that truck?
Anyways, I love his new truck too...Totally more functional for every day use, not to mention I can get in it all by myself ( I know, I'm such a big girl now) without a boost. ..but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss his "fun" truck. Our neighbor has fun get-dirty trucks, and I'm thinkin' I might just support NZ in getting another "fun" truck to play around with. What's this truck luvin' girl want???


A Chevy K5 Blazer..

Photo courtesy of

An old one.

Preferably a 1970's model. I like them old. Makes me not feel so bad about them getting dirty and all. I do like the old school Broncos, but my ol man doesn't buy Fords. So, that's not even an option.

I guess all we need to do now is win the lottery, and I can buy a brand new car for myself (ahhhem, Storm Trooper Audi) and a toy for us to enjoy and get dirty in...cause I'm a woman that loves her pick-up man.

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