Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fabric Banner Project

Although it's been 15 years since I last lived at home, my family had a tradition of hanging up a "Happy Birthday" banner up outside on my mom's split rail fence. Being fortunate enough to grow up across the street from my grandparents ( Yes, I realize how lucky I am) we shared this tradition with them by hanging a banner on their fence each birthday.

Our signs were usually made of butcher paper and dried out marker pens, or, if out of butcher paper, we'd settle for computer printer paper (remember when printers used that perforated edge paper you had to rip the sides off of?) which worked in a jam.

One year for my birthday, one of my BFF's ( thanks ma'am!) who had moved to Philly, sent me the coolest Birthday banner in the mail, and it stayed up ALL year long. We covered up my name with the names of my other two roomates as their Birthdays rolled around. You can sort of see Sara's masterpiece in the photo below, nevermind J.Reed imitating the jaRule & J.Lo video in the background...How's that for dating this photo..yes, it was 8 years ago.
I ran across this a-freakin-dorable Birthday sign today at Two Sisters Shop and can't wait to make one with my fabric scrap stash. The plan is to make a unisex banner and get the tradition rolling again..and even better, it's green! Totally re-useable for Birthday after birthday.
Photo belongs to Two sisters Shop

Stay tuned...I'm not sure I can keep away from sewing projects this weekend..I may just have one to post by night's end. My goal was to complete shirts for the March of Dimes walk for my mom, sister and me to wear ( and hubby if he wants one)..but my sister has so kindly offered to use her Sizzix Big Shot machine to die-cut the fabric letters for me so that I can avoid making my own templates & cutting out each letter by hand. So, for now, that project is on hold till her letters arrive later this week. My sister SPOILS me rotten..and I love her for it!


As predicted..I couldn't leave the thought of a banner alone..All it needs is to have the letters ironed on each flag and it's ready for years of Birthday celebrations!

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  1. Your banner is too freaking cute. I love it and I miss the days of when a sign was hung for me ;(

    Letters are in the mailbox.. you should get them Tuesday.