Friday, September 1, 2017

We have a Kindergartner!

     We've officially got a Kindergartner in the house! Our district began school on August 23rd, so we just completed our first FULL week of class, and boy are we ready for a three day weekend to recoup.

    Sal has a wonderful teacher this year. She's open, kind, funny and very very organized. In fact, she had sign up for parent volunteers at the kindergarten information night before school even began! I am really impressed with how quickly she has gotten these kids up and going. There are three incentive/ reward systems that are really working for Sal, including one with pennies that he can save up (or lose) and buy a trinket when the school volunteer opens his "shop". They have a jump rope club, which he can earn a medal when he reaches (and counts to 100) jumps. So far, after only one week, his highest tally is 91. I love how they've incorporated gross motor skills and play with learning numbers, etc.

    He was a bit ambivalent about starting kindergarten and continues to seem unsure about the permanence of school ( sorry buddy, its 5 days a week for the rest of your childhood and early adulthood life!), but has so far--knock on wood--had easy drop offs, and no tears. It probably helps that he knew five kids in his class prior to school starting, and has a couple other preschool buddies in the other kindergarten classes.

   Sal still continues to prefer solid or striped clothing, but branched out with his new kicks, choosing checkers this time! To top it off, he requested a checkered backpack to match his shoes. Thank goodness for Amazon prime! I'm pretty much convinced if Amazon doesn't have it, it doesn't exist.

    As for the little kids and myself, we miss Sal. Our mornings are quiet without the ruler of the roost telling everyone what to say and do. It's amazing how one child changes the dynamic of a group so much. I look forward to one on one time with each of my littles while Sal is at school, as well as finding a few days to volunteer in his classroom.

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