Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Gino starts school

     Gino finally started his "teacher and me" program in mid September. Both Sal and Carla both attended this drop off class as two year olds and loved it. He has the same teacher as they did, and has done really well with drop offs  (he only cried twice).

     I was initially really hesitant to enroll him because he is quite aggressive and dare I say it, hot and cold at home. He is my biter and my hitter, and my look- you- in- the- eyes- and-raise-my middle-finger kid. Okay, maybe not the last one, but he does bite and hit....like, a lot.

     He really loves his teacher and asks me if his friends are there every day we head to school. His teacher says he behaves well and participates in activities, although he is much like Sal in the art department. We did discover that while he doesn't care to paint, he does love to glue.

    It is so fun to watch my kids grow and learn and become independent. Even my baby.  He's full of sentences and jokes and questions and I can't get enough. With the older two both in kindergarten and preschool, Gino has three mornings a week with me solo. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this little boy of mine without big brother and sister around. He's my sidekick and loves to help me grocery shop and point out trash trucks.

  Three more years and he will be off to Kindergarten. I am acutely aware of how fast time flies, and I'm gonna hold onto this one and keep him my baby, forever. Even if he does grow up.

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