Monday, January 18, 2016

Feliz cumpleanos Sal y Carlita

Ever since I took the kids to Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days parade last summer, Sal has been obsessed with cascarones. For those of you who aren't familiar, a cascarone is a hollowed out egg shell which is dyed a bright color and filled with confetti. Party revelers crack them on one another's head for good fortune and luck. 

He was adamant he have these at his birthday party. So adamant, that we started making them back in November. I saved & cleaned out our eggs and dyed them. He got to skip a few naptimes to cut up confetti and fill the eggs with me. 

He was pumped to bring them out to share with our family and friends who came to celebrate. He even nailed his great grandma with one!!!

Nick grilled up some carne asada and we set up a taco bar for lunch. My sister made the most awesome Sal & Carla fiesta themed cookies and I made sprinkles cupcakes for dessert.

Our neighbor brought out her miniature horse and gave the kids carriage rides. For as much as Carla loves horses she wasn't so sure when I took the reins!

Nick hung a piƱata and Carla and Sal gave it their all trying to break the dang thing open. With a little of Nick's muscle, it came crashing down and my kids were in sugar heaven. 

A huge thank you to all that came out to celebrate 2 & 4 for our birthday twins. 

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  1. Man. I would've loved to experience an egg crash from Sal. What a kick he is!