Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunday scootin'

We took a Sunday scoot to escape the heat and humidity (or at least fool ourselves that it wasn't that hot out). With the help of google maps, we navigated ourselves to Decathalon, a worldwide sporting goods chain to pick up a helmet for Sal. Yes, I know in America, a bike helmet on an electric bike would never fly, but believe me, with us rising three deep, we aren't breaking any speed limits. I think people riding pedal bikes can actually out run us. 

Our scooter has provided a sense of freedom that we've been missing for over a year. It feels so good to get out as a family, depending on no one but ourselves. We can come and go as we please, and make just-because trips to the store. 

It feels unbelievably awesome.

We're smiling again.

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