Saturday, July 27, 2013

13 weeks

Original post written 07/12/13

How many weeks? 13

 Showing? As of this week, yes. 

 How am I feeling? Apprehensive. Morning sickness has subsided.  I've been having dizzy spells which may be low blood pressure.  I had realllly low BP with Sal so it wouldn't be too far fetched to think that's what it is again.  Most days I am in denial that we are actually expecting again. 

 Doctor’s Appointment? We had an appointment last week. Baby measured a little bit bigger than its gestational age. Last visit it measured 3 days smaller. S/he wouldn't cooperate and give us a profile shot, but everything appeared to be growing right. The tech that did my NT scan didn't speak English, which sucked, but we've seen enough scans by now to know that the baby is growing and pret much knew what she was looking at. I think I saw something between the legs, but it could've been an arm waving..I'm thinking boy, while NZ says girl. After the scan, we saw the OB. Sadly, I did not feel as positive about him this time as I did after our previous appointment. The overall consensus in our family is that the Doc's answers were vague and not exactly to the point. He let me stop progesterone (can I get an  amen?!) but added more folic acid and baby aspirin due to my history of loss. 

We have to decide whether to do a DNA test for any congenital issues. If this were the UsA we would decline the test. However, this being China, if I were to be carrying a baby with special needs or in need of immediate surgery post birth, special arrangements must be made in advance for emergency care. The closest NICU is thirty minutes from where we will deliver. It's not like America where half the hospitals have a NiCU or a helicopter can life flight to a top notch facility. Add to that, the NICU could potentially not have space since they are few and far between here. It's scary to think of anything going wrong, so we will think positive, but perhaps we should do the DNA testing to "be prepared".

 Workouts? I've been doing our 5k Monday walks to Starbucks with my ladies, and another friend and I walked to a local mall, probably about 3k one day last week. Otherwise, nothing. I keep thinking I should get my dumbells out and lift shoulders and arms but have yet to get off the couch. 

 Sleep? Napping less & staying up a tad bit later. The crazy dreams are in full effect though. Last week I had a dream one of my old college roomates chased my ol man with a butchers knife through Home Depot. Uhm, yeah-whhhhhhat?!the.bleep?! 

 Weight Gain? Up .1 kg from last visit. 

 Baby Preparation? Nope. Gonna stick to my "not-buying-anything-til-30-weeks" rule again.. We may have to make an exception and buy formula and the second seat and car seat adapter for my stroller when we are in the US in October but I will be 25+ weeks by then. Close enough, right?

 Likes? Nectarines, Wuxi peaches and apples with peanut butter. Also eggs. Love eggs. 

Dislikes? The smell of China's public restrooms/troughs rotting in the hot humid sun. Seriously puke worthy when walking by...even moreso now that I've got a super sniffer nose. Oh, and garlic has not been my friend as of late which makes me super sad because I usually love garlic in everything!

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